I'm Landon! and I'm Kate!

Hi, I'm Landon
How's it going guys? I'm Landon and I'm six years old. I love Ben Ten Aliens and sea creatures. Sometimes my mom will talk like the animals and it is so funny it makes me laugh so hard. I love to run, jump, twirl, and bounce off of everything I can. Being outside is so much fun and I like to play in the backyard any chance I get. I also love playing games on the computer and Angry Birds on my mom's phone. I love to jump on the trampoline and can even do a flip. It is so great when my dad is the jumping monster.
I am the best little clothes styler ever and change my outfit every chance I get. I love to read books and can almost read them all by myself! I am the smartest kindergartener ever. I am learning all sorts of new things like writing and counting. My favorite thing is all of my friends at school; they can be so silly sometimes.
My little sister is Kate. I love to play with her and I am the best big brother. We have a lot of fun together (right, Kate?). My favorite places to go are to the aquarium, the zoo, playgroup and the park.

I'm Kate! My name is Kate but everyone just calls me Kater bug. I am four and love being able to do things all by myself. I get so excited when I get to go to preschool but especially like it when we get to ride our bikes. I love riding my princess bike and get on it any chance I get. I love music and whenever I hear it I dance. Dancing is so much fun. I am the best helper and love to help my family with anything that they need to do. I like to clean with my mom and do the dishes with my dad. My favorite thing is to ride on the riding lawnmower with my dad. Every time we get in the shed I ask if I can ride it because it is so much fun. I am such a girly girl and love to get dressed up, paint my fingernails (all by myself) and have my hair done. I love it even more when my brother dresses up with me. Landon is so fun to play with and we have such a good time playing outside together, playing in our rooms, dressing up and doing everything together. It's so much fu-un!

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