Our Home

We live in a fabulous two-story home that we had built about 7 years ago. We love it here. With the kids playing in the backyard (and never wanting to come in) and plenty of room for us to entertain, it is just what we had envisioned when we built it.

Our house is in a quiet cul-de-sac with a large backyard where we enjoy sitting on the patio and having a BBQ, chasing the dog, playing in the sandbox, shooting a few hoops, swinging on the swing set, jumping on the trampoline or just laying in the grass. We love our backyard and spend many hours hanging out back there. Kate loves jumping on the tramp and playing in the sandbox any chance she gets. She loves the wagon and weren't not sure what she enjoys more, riding in the wagon or just pushing around in the back yard. She can often be found riding her bike back and forth on the patio.
Landon loves to jump on the tramp and he is especially intrigued by the garden boxes. He is always excited to pick what's growing and loves to find worms. He is learning to pick things only when they are ready and patiently waits for the pumpkins to grow every year. My favorite time is cuddle time and I know that won’t last forever but I look forward to tucking them in bed each night, reading stories and singing songs.

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