Introduction to us

Hi! We are Brian, Leisha, Landon & Kate along with our dog, Buster. While we would love to say, come hang out with us for the day and get to know us, we know that's not really feasible.

We are excited to tell you a little bit about our family. Brian and I have been married for fourteen years. There are nights that we lay in bed laughing and talking (when we should be sleeping) and although that may seem like a simple thing, it is one of our favorite times together. We met at work right after Brian came home from serving an LDS mission for our church in Argentina. I was the waitress, he was the cook and it all happened from there. Well, it didn’t happen that fast. We spent many nights hanging out together with friends before he actually made his move. He had been home from his mission for almost a year before he asked me out. He says it was because I was so young (which I guess looking back I can see his point). But, regardless of his reasoning at the time, I’m so glad he finally did! We dated for about five months before getting engaged and were married that September.

After getting married, we looked forward to having a family but after years of struggling with infertility, we decided to pursue adoption. Three years later, our lives were blessed through the miracle of adoption with a beautiful baby boy. Right after Landon turned two, we got a surprise phone call from a birth mother wondering if we were open to adopting again. Of course we said yes! and Kathryn was born two weeks later. Landon & Kate are such a joy in our lives. We love them so much and treasure the special way they each came into our family. They bring a smile to our face and more joy than we could have imagined to our home. We are so grateful for the opportunity we have to be parents and would love to add to our family again through adoption.

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