Our Family

Some of our favorite things to do together as a family are riding bikes around the neighborhood, reading books, jumping on the trampoline, going to the park, out to dinner or even just for ice cream. My personal favorite is having breakfast with the kids each morning. We always sit down after Brian has left for work and have a bowl of oatmeal or cereal together. I talk about what we are going to do that day and ask Landon & Kate how their night was. Some mornings Landon just eats his cereal while I talk and other times he has so much to tell me. Kate talks non-stop and has so many things she wants to do and is always excited to get going for the day. It’s such a great time we have together. Brian, Landon & Kate, after building snowmen in the front yard.

Brian, Leisha & Landon at the BYU/Utah game 2010. Kate played at a friends house.

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