Random Facts About Us

Here are some very random things about us.


He is very quiet.

He loves playing the guitar.

He loves sports.

He has season tickets to the University of Utah football games.

He loves fantasy football.

He loves popcorn.

Movie theatre popcorn is his favorite.

He washes most of the dishes at home.

He loves being outdoors.

He loves mountain biking.

He is the best jumping monster ever (just ask the kids).


She loves all things crafty.

She loves exclamation points!!!!!! and smilies :-).

She loves her family.

She loves being with friends.

She can be stubborn.

She loves shoes.

She wishes her feet weren't a size 13 so she could buy cute ones.

She loves Diet Dr. Pepper.

She loves biking.

She tends to be a perfectionist.

And some random questions/answers for the whole family. Our answers for each go in this order: Brian (B), Leisha (L), Landon (L) & Kate (K)

Favorite thing to do:
B: Watch the Utes (University of Utah)
L: Be with my family
L: Play outside or watch movies
K: Ride my bike or go shopping

Favorite snack:
B: chips or popcorn
L: cinnamon bears
L: cinnamon toast
K: apples

Favorite show to watch:
B: Seinfeld reruns, The Office, Chopped
L: The Amazing Race, Cake Boss, The Good Wife

L: Phineas & Ferb, Sid the Science Kid
K: Dora the Explorer, Go Diego, Curious George

Favorite place to go:
B: The mountains
L: Out to dinner with friends
L: The aquarium
K: Swimming

Best Vacation Ever:
B: Hawaii
L: Kauai, Hawaii
L: Oceanside, CA (I love the ocean)
K: Disneyland

Favorite toys:
B: Bike & Guitars
L: Camera & Laptop
L: Ben Ten Aliens

K: Baby Dolls

Favorite Restaurant:
B: Texas Roadhouse (ribs & rolls)
L: Ruths Chris (salad & sweet potatoes)
L: McDonald's (really, I just love the toys)
K: anywhere with steak (I love meat & salad)

Favorite drink:
B: Coke Zero
L: Diet Dr. Pepper
L: Apple Juice
K: Bubble drink (she loves anything with carbonation)

Favorite activity:
B: Playing basketball
L: Creating (crafting, design, photography, etc.)
L: Doing flips on the trampoline
K: Riding her bike

Favorite color:
B: Red
L: Celery green
L: Blue
K: Pink

Somewhere I can often be found:
B: On the couch with the kids
L: On the computer
L: Watching a movie
K: In my room playing with my kitchen

Favorite part of the week:
B: The weekend, no work.
L: Friday & Saturday when we all get to spend time together all day
L: The weekend, when daddy is home
K: When Landon gets home from school

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