Openness in adoption

We are so fortunate to have a relationship with Landon's birth mother and her parents & Kate’s birth mother and birth father. We get together often for dinner, playing at the park, trips to the zoo, movies, birthdays, holidays or whatever else we decide to do. We love them all so much and we have such a deep respect and admiration for each of them for having the courage to do what they did. Our lives have truly been blessed and we feel like we cannot thank them enough for that.

We cannot help but feel that same love and respect for you as you strive to do what is best for you and your child. We would love to discuss whatever level of contact you are comfortable with as we respect our birth parents choice in that. But we truly feel that our children's birth families are an extension of our family and would love to have that relationship. We talk about adoption openly in our family and extended families. Our children will always know that they are adopted and know of the special angels that made it possible for them to be in our family. As they get older, we hope that adoption is just a normal part of their lives. As we talk with Landon about adoption and his birth family, we see him understanding more and more what adoption means and what it means to have a birth mother. He knows how much we love his birth mother and the important role she had in bringing him to our family. We know that as Kate gets bigger she will have that same understanding. Their birth families bring more love into their lives and to ours and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Kate at her birth mother's graduation

Kate with her birth father

Kate with Landon's birth grandma

Landon with his birth grandpa
Landon with his birth mother goofing around in our back yard.

Landon & his birth mother at lunch

(love this, they were making funny faces together in her phone)
Leisha, Landon's birth grandpa, birth grandma, Kate & Landon

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