Inside scoop on Leisha from Brian

Leisha is very creative and loves scrapbooking, stamping and all things crafty. She is organized at running our house and taking care of the kids. The only time she is not organized is when she throws her clothes on the bedroom floor at night (a pet peeve of mine). She is very caring and fun loving. She is always thinking about other people and always helping them out. Leisha is such a great mother. Landon and Kate can be busy and definitely have their difficult moments. Leisha is always good with them and can calm them down and redirect their attention. Leisha always gives the kids options and treats both of them intelligently. Leisha always has fun together with the kids. They are always laughing together and often have tickle fights.

She is a great wife and is always supporting me and helping me be the best person I can be. Leisha owns her own photography & design business as well as a jewelry business with two of her best friends. She does them both part-time (1-2 evenings a week) while still being able to stay home with the kids.

She loves Italian food, especially when she does not have to cook it herself (although she can cook a great penne pasta when she is in the mood!). When we rent movies it is a requirement of Leisha’s that we always get a romantic comedy and if I am lucky I can sneak in an action movie for myself.
Leisha is the second oldest of eight children: three sisters and four brothers. She is always helping her family out. They all turn to her when they need someone to talk to. That can be a lot of listening with nine other people in the family. Leisha’s favorite family tradition is Christmas Bingo. Everyone brings all sorts of random things and we play Bingo for the gifts. It is always so much fun to see what her grandma saved throughout the year just for Christmas Bingo! We also love having Christmas breakfast at our house. There are plenty of waffles and crepes for everyone and we all just hang out in our PJ's until it's time to go to grandma's house.

Meeting Leisha after she finished her first triathlon. May 2010

Leisha with "bike" after a nice ride.

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